World Soccer Academy's Enrollment forms and policies

Last Amended - 2013.10.10

WSA Academy Tryout process

I. Wsa Academy has Open tryouts:

  • The primary objective of tryouts is to identify players with a strong level of commitment and skill level whom are seeking to further advance their skill development at a more competitive level

II. Registration:

  • All players intending to try out for a WSA Select team must register by completing the waiver form prior to participating in their appropriate tryout session.
  • You can get a tryout by getting a call or email from coaches,parents requesting a spot for their kids in our academy

III. Tryout Procedure:

  • The player will be invited for 4 practices where he will be assess against criteria based on physical, technical, mental and tactical skill levels.
  • The first two session, we evaluate their soccer skills in comparison with the other academy players. If they fit among this group we accept the players
  • If the players skills are above academy average will invite them to practice with the Elite players for two session, and we evaluate them among this group

IV. Player Notification:

  • After tryouts have concluded, all the players will receive an email and a phone call from the office notifying them of the results.
  • If the players skills are below academy average the parents will be notified
  • If the players skills are above academy average the players and parents will be notified to register with WSA academy
  • If the players skills are above the academy average the player will be ask to register first with the academy program for 5 months, and if they develop accordingly they will be invited to sign for the Elite program.

Enrollment for Summer Academy

Enrollment for Winter Academy Enrollment for SUMMER CAMPS ACADEMY Registration Try Out form

These forms must be filled for all Athletes

Medical Questionnaire form for ALL Players! Medical Release form for All Players!

The Code of Conduct and the Harassment Policy must have been read and agreed to by all athletes and coaches!!

Players Code Of Conduct Coaches Code Of Conduct Harassment Policy

Registration, Player Evaluations, Tryouts, Team Placement, Roster Approval, and Coach Selection

The WSA travel soccer program will be a major component of WSA in the newer future. Consequently, it is imperative that the policies and procedures outlined in this document be adhered to by everyone involved in the travel soccer program.



  • All players intending to try out for a WSA Select team must register by completing the necessary application form prior to participating in their appropriate tryout session.
Registration Try Out form for Select Teams


I. Player Evaluations:

Head Evaluators and Head Coaches grade each player based on the guidelines determined by the DoC .All evaluators shall wear official WSA gear for each specific tryout night

  • Age group coordinators will supply all coaches for their respective age group with a player evaluation form at the start of each season. Only a WSA approved player evaluation form may be used. coaches .
  • All head and assistant coaches must complete and submit player evaluations for the team and season coached.
  • Coaches’ player evaluations are an integral part of the team placement process (failure to submit player evaluations may have an effect on future coach selection).
  • In order to be considered valid, all player evaluations must be submitted to the respective Age Group Coordinator and the DoC
  • Player evaluations must be submitted prior to the commencement of tryouts at a date to be determined by the respective age group coordinator.
  • Age group coordinators will share player evaluations with other age group coordinators for players moving into a new age group. This does not apply to the U8 players that are new to the U10 age group.
  • When written evaluation is not possible a verbal Player evaluation must occur


II. Tryouts:

  • Tryouts are intended to evaluate a player’s ability to play soccer with children of the same age group and supplement player evaluations in the team placement process.
  • Tryouts will be open to all registered players and all registrants are expected to attend tryouts.
  • Tryouts will be held for each travel season – fall and spring. (3 tryouts sessions each time)
  • Tryouts will include an appropriate warm-up, age-appropriate small-sided games, and scrimmages.
  • Tryouts provide us with a relative player assessment against criteria based on physical, technical, mental and tactical skill levels
  • Only a WSA approved tryout evaluation form may be used to evaluate players at a tryout.
  • Prior to tryouts, each age group coordinator must have the tryout plan reviewed and approved by the DoC . The tryout plan should include -
    1. The number and duration of each tryout
    2. How players will be matched against each other during the tryout process
    3. The tryout evaluators and their credentials

Injured Player(s):

  • In the event a player is injured or sustains an injury during tryouts, a team can temporarily hold a roster position on the team (max roster + one) in order to accommodate. This may happen only if the current head coach feels that this particular player will be beneficial to the team as a whole. Approval must be unanimous and agreed with the Coaching Staff/ Head Evaluator’s, Coaching Committee and DoC. If a player is not in attendance due to injury, once again the current head coach may hold a roster spot (max roster + one) , with the Coaching Committee and DoC. However, if the individual is not present during tryouts, he/ she must then attend a specifically designed session in order to be properly evaluated by the head coach, Head Evaluator or DoC. Acceptance on the team will then run its due course. .


III. Team Placement:

  • No team will be designed with the intention of keeping the team together as a unit from season to season, or year to year.
  • Traveling teams will be constructed with the intention of fielding the strongest and most competitive teams.
  • Prior to the placement meeting, each age group coordinator will create a proposed ranking of players based upon all information available. This ranking will only be used as a guide during the placement process.
  • A Placement Committee will determine initial team placement for each player by committee consensus at the placement meeting.
  • The Placement Committee will use all information available in order to make roster decisions.
  • Each placement meeting must be attended by the DoC and a board member . It is recommended that the attending board member not have a child in the respective age group.
  • All individual player placement discussions are considered confidential and should not be disseminated outside the placement meeting.
  • Roster spots may be held for tentatively assigned players.
  • In order for a player to play up an age group, the player’s parents must submit a written request to the DoC . The decision to allow a player to play at a higher age group must adhere to league rules and be approved by the DoC .


IV. Coach Selection:

  • WSA policy is to place players on team rosters before selecting coaches.
  • Factors such as licensure (CSA and UEFA), coaching and playing experience, parent and player feedback, and Director of Coaching recommendations will be used to select coaches.
  • All coaching assignments will be made by the DoC and assisted by the Age Group Coordinator


V. Roster Approval:

  • No individual may release team placement information until rosters have been approved by the DoC
  • Travel soccer rosters will be reviewed at the regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting immediately following the Placement Committee meeting. .


VI. Roster Adjustments:

Occasionally due to various reasons (a player quits, a coach is needed, parental request, etc.), roster adjustments need to be made after the placement meeting or roster approval by the DoC . The following

  • The respective Age Group Coordinator, or the DoC if the Group Coordinator is unavailable, must oversee the roster resolution process.
  • Only those individuals necessary need to be involved in the roster resolution process.
  • Because the roster issue will inevitably involve multiple teams, it is advised to wait until coach selection has occurred before attempting to resolve the roster issue.


Player Notification


The assigned (current) Head Coach is responsible for notifying all tryout participants at their age level. Notification should be completed by the following Monday after the final tryout and should consist of an invite by phone or email to join the team. A reasonable decision period (48 hours) should be allowed for the selected player to make a determination. In the event, a selected player does not accept the invitation; the first player next in ranking should be offered the invitation. Once all the players accept, then all other players should be notified they did not make the team. These notifications should be by phone and should include guidance on areas to work on. The sign of a top club is not only how they treat those whom are selected, but how they ensure proper placement and treatment for those trying to further their soccer skills! Please encourage these players to join the WSA Academy programs. All non-selected and waiting list players’ phone calls shall be made and completed within 7 days of the final tryout date. .


All wait listed players shall be updated weekly on their status. All communication shall include a copy to the DoC and CC.


After tryouts have concluded, all YES players will receive an email from the office “Congratulating them on their acceptance to the team” along with instructions to complete the registration process. They will also be called to ensure they have received this email and understand the registration process.


Eduardo Badescu

WSA - Head Coach